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CES: Switch pitches high-tech bulbs for clean lighting

Non-toxic bulbs last 25,000 hours

Wed Jan 11 2012, 20:27

Solar powered netbooks tip up

Eco friendly and Eco-nomical

Thu May 14 2009, 16:08

Global Foundries fabs chip away at ecosystem

Fab not so fab for forest

Tue May 05 2009, 12:34

Spam is killing the planet

Carbon footprint calculated

Wed Apr 15 2009, 12:06

HP gets long lasting batteries

Nibble Save a polar bear

Tue Mar 17 2009, 12:24

Gore lectures Senate on global warming. Again.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Thu Jan 29 2009, 18:09

LG turns hot air green

CES 2009 Leading the charge

Tue Jan 13 2009, 10:04

World Community Grid burns energy in order to save it

Have they thought this through?

Thu Dec 11 2008, 14:40

Greenest Macbooks ever still not green enough

Tree huggers never happy

Fri Oct 17 2008, 14:04

Sainsbury's pulls PC recycling stunt

Goes green at one store for five hours

Wed Sep 03 2008, 13:59

Boffins claim solar energy breakthrough

Storage solution

Tue Aug 05 2008, 13:00

How do you keep your boss happy?

Brown knows

Tue Jul 15 2008, 12:47

HP prints itself a green suit

Pulling the wool over its ears

Fri May 23 2008, 00:37

Brits keen to go green

Some even think it'll help

Mon Apr 28 2008, 16:35

Reduce carbon emissions or else, Nasa scientist warns

Disaster guaranteed

Mon Apr 07 2008, 13:48

Intel rejects call for sustainability committee

Shareholder’s told to vote “AGAINST”

Wed Apr 02 2008, 16:27

Emails expose the global warming conspiracy

Opinion The sky is not falling

Wed Nov 25 2009, 18:18

BA CIO blasts greenwashing "bollocks"

Plane nonsense

Thu May 07 2009, 16:21

The hypocrisy of Earth Day exposed

Green Watch A load of stinking compost

Wed Apr 22 2009, 16:23

Stone crusher makes short work of recycling IT kit

Where PCs meet their maker

Thu Apr 02 2009, 16:42

HiSaver slays vampire power

CeBit 2009 Powering ahead to lower power

Mon Mar 09 2009, 12:22

Whatever we do the planet is doomed... dooomed!

Boffin admissions on emissions

Tue Jan 27 2009, 17:17

Googling pollutes the planet

Almost as much as boiling a cuppa

Mon Jan 12 2009, 16:35

IT firms slammed for failing the environment

WWF on the warpath

Thu Nov 06 2008, 13:16

Miliband promises to emit less hot air

80 percent cut says PM in waiting

Thu Oct 16 2008, 17:40

Hitachi plans carbon neutral data centre

Say eh-oh to the future

Tue Sep 23 2008, 16:23

Google dumps Forestle

Alleges artificial clicks

Tue Sep 02 2008, 10:28

Intel powers up for new investment

Voltaix named as new solar focus

Wed Jul 30 2008, 12:11

Hardware hack gets hitched

Swapping shaders for champers

Mon Jun 30 2008, 09:28

Prime minister Brown backs Google

Belittles Microsoft

Mon May 19 2008, 21:44

The INQUIRER Guide to spelLing

It's our web site and we'll spell how we want to

Fri Apr 25 2008, 16:12

Artificial Intelligence is still the future

Speakers' Corner John McCarthy, optimist

Mon Apr 07 2008, 10:51

Win a prize by choosing an Intel caption

IDF Spring 2008 Be witty, not pretty

Wed Apr 02 2008, 04:54

Intel releases corporate responsibility report

Oh the irony

Wed May 20 2009, 21:46

ATI cuts graphics prices

Something over the weekend

Tue May 05 2009, 21:00

Cloudy days ahead for photovoltaics

Solar slowdown spotted

Sun Apr 19 2009, 12:09

Microsoft goes green

Nibble Sustainability embedded

Fri Mar 27 2009, 09:47

Global Warming could lead to massive water bulge

Washington DC under the Sea

Fri Feb 06 2009, 08:28

Intel plasters New Mexico with PV solar panels

Sun, sand and silicon

Wed Jan 21 2009, 14:33

Nanotechnology could pose a risk

Be afraid of your home

Fri Dec 12 2008, 17:03

Mikey Dell - coming to a cinema near you

Short, silent, movie role

Wed Nov 05 2008, 13:56

How marketing melts your brain

Rant You're p0wned fanboy

Thu Oct 16 2008, 16:32

Vista good for something after all

Power savings

Wed Sep 17 2008, 17:15

Windows could save the planet

It’s obstructive but it takes the heat

Mon Sep 01 2008, 14:50

Tobacco to treat cancer

Culprit offers cure

Tue Jul 22 2008, 12:44

First AMD Game PC reviewed

Hebrew homebrew

Wed May 28 2008, 19:34

Heavy metal ferns clean up

Very fond of arsenic, apparently

Mon May 19 2008, 12:38

UK IT sagging without women

Don't we all

Mon Apr 14 2008, 19:06

No one cares about green IT

Greenwashing dirty IT laundry in public

Thu Apr 03 2008, 18:16
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