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Penguin and European Commission settle e-book pricing flap

Penguin to follow examples of other publishers

Thu Jul 25 2013, 14:52

Apple, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Facebook want PRISM transparency

Want some cover for selling out users

Fri Jul 19 2013, 10:54

Google must improve 'insufficient' concession offer to end EC antitrust probe

The European Union isn't impressed

Wed Jul 17 2013, 12:55

Apple is found guilty of working the digital books market

Could prove expensive for Apple

Wed Jul 10 2013, 15:33

Samsung tops rival Apple in Fortune Global 500 list

Firms take 14th and 19th places

Tue Jul 09 2013, 11:50

Apple heads to court over Siri patent infringement allegations

The iPhone and iPad could be banned in China

Wed Jul 03 2013, 14:55

Microsoft loses Skydrive trademark case to BSkyB

Could lead to renaming

Mon Jul 01 2013, 11:50

ASA bans 'misleading' Samsung Galaxy Tab adverts

Must not be shown again

Thu Jun 27 2013, 09:30

Samsung in talks to settle EU antitrust case over Apple patent abuse

Wants to avoid a fine

Tue Jun 25 2013, 17:01

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden flees from Hong Kong

PRISM patriot reportedly seeks asylum in Ecuador

Mon Jun 24 2013, 09:54

Samsung infringed Apple's 'bounce-back' patent, Tokyo court rules

Korean firm unlikely to be bothered

Fri Jun 21 2013, 10:39

Leaseweb denies acting in bad faith in Megaupload deletion

Claims Kim Dotcom knew it was coming

Thu Jun 20 2013, 10:50

PRISM makes it onto the ISPA’s internet villains list

New entry for Orwellian surveillance

Fri Jun 14 2013, 13:38

Google spots Iranian phishing spike

Questions links to elections

Thu Jun 13 2013, 12:47

The Pirate Bay gets attacked and banned in one day

Oh no me hearties

Wed Jun 12 2013, 15:54

HTC and Samsung tangle in a Twitter tit for tat tango

Smartphone cases at dawn

Mon Jun 10 2013, 11:29

Government wastes hours waiting for PCs to boot up

Probably a drop in the ocean

Thu Jun 06 2013, 13:43

Anti-porn MP Claire Perry accuses blogger of sponsoring attack on her website

Blogger lines up a legal team

Thu Jul 25 2013, 11:06

UK communications data surveillance demands rise

Not all hit their targets

Fri Jul 19 2013, 09:59

HBO asked Google to take down links to VLC player

Open sauce

Tue Jul 16 2013, 11:16

Scrabble fans to protest changes to Facebook game

24 hour Scrabblethon to take place this weekend

Wed Jul 10 2013, 13:33

Privacy International launches legal challenge against PRISM snooping

Wants an immediate cease and desist order

Tue Jul 09 2013, 11:30

Google’s Glass response disappoints Congressman Joe Barton

Technology should protect users’ rights

Tue Jul 02 2013, 09:46

Apple can't add Samsung's Galaxy S4 to patent lawsuit

San Jose court rules

Thu Jun 27 2013, 15:55

Korean websites are downed by hackers on war anniversary

North and South Korean websites shut down on 60 year anniversary

Wed Jun 26 2013, 13:27

British intelligence is involved in PRISM, says Liberty

And they've been snooping our emails

Tue Jun 25 2013, 10:51

Ofcom sides with Sky in BT advertising spat

Updated Rules that Sky doesn't have to show BT Sports adverts

Fri Jun 21 2013, 13:00

FTC will take on software patent trolls

It's about time

Fri Jun 21 2013, 09:50

BBC Call Centre firms fined for PPI nuisance calls

Data watchdog bites

Tue Jun 18 2013, 11:55

Google faces EU probe over 'anticompetitive' Android licensing

Follows complaints from Nokia and Microsoft

Fri Jun 14 2013, 10:54

UK MPs want Google's taxes investigated

Public Accounts Committee wants accounts made public

Thu Jun 13 2013, 11:16

Mozilla and 85 others send an anti-PRISM letter to Congress

Web firms and civil liberties groups are up in arms

Tue Jun 11 2013, 16:45

Sony is told to shove Bizarre Tribe copyright claim

Indie label Gummy Soul posts open letter

Thu Jun 06 2013, 09:52

Open Rights Group wants access to ISP web blocking documents

Seeking the right to transparency

Fri Jul 19 2013, 14:15

Child spends £4,000 in-app on iPad horse game

Another one

Thu Jul 18 2013, 09:44

European Commission antitrust investigators storm ISPs

No one expects the EC inquisition

Thu Jul 11 2013, 14:04

Apple asks ITC for stay on iPhone and iPad ban following Samsung court victory

Due to go into effect on 5 August

Wed Jul 10 2013, 11:02

European Parliament votes for PRISM snooping investigation

To start this year

Tue Jul 09 2013, 10:05

Apple raided in France over antitrust allegations

Zut trade laws

Mon Jul 01 2013, 15:05

Kim Dotcom and Leaseweb show their emails

Leaseweb disputes his story

Thu Jun 27 2013, 12:27

Bittorrent says ‘piracy’ is not its business

Disputes ‘piracy’ league tables

Wed Jun 26 2013, 11:15

Nokia suggests using an iPhone will turn you into a zombie

All’s fair in phones and advertising

Mon Jun 24 2013, 10:44

Apple warns about adverse ebooks antitrust ruling

Bad for biblio-businesses

Fri Jun 21 2013, 11:28

Google is given three months to comply with French Data Protection Act

Firm says it is ready to engage

Thu Jun 20 2013, 13:23

Apple issues a statement about PRISM

Says there's nothing to see here

Mon Jun 17 2013, 09:59

Kim Dotcom releases a video of Megaupload raid

Mini documentary shows police in helicopters, handcuffs and dogs

Thu Jun 13 2013, 14:05

Australia's privacy commission is discussing PRISM

Muddy waters

Thu Jun 13 2013, 10:20

Kim Dotcom faces an extradition hearing delay

Pushed back to April 2014

Tue Jun 11 2013, 12:38

US Congress wants FTC action on patent trolls

Time to send money chasing time wasters packing

Fri Jun 07 2013, 13:05
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