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Google faces EU probe over 'anticompetitive' Android licensing

Follows complaints from Nokia and Microsoft

Fri Jun 14 2013, 10:54

UK MPs want Google's taxes investigated

Public Accounts Committee wants accounts made public

Thu Jun 13 2013, 11:16

Mozilla and 85 others send an anti-PRISM letter to Congress

Web firms and civil liberties groups are up in arms

Tue Jun 11 2013, 16:45

Sony is told to shove Bizarre Tribe copyright claim

Indie label Gummy Soul posts open letter

Thu Jun 06 2013, 09:52

Samsung gets the iPhone 4, iPad banned in the US

Updated ITC rules Apple's iDevices infringe a Samsung data patent

Wed Jun 05 2013, 12:35

BT denies raising prices for 'free' sports access

Says higher line charges are not down to the cost of football

Mon Jun 03 2013, 13:45

Apple goes to trial to defend alleged ebook price fixing

Unlikely to win

Mon Jun 03 2013, 10:45

EC is likely to reject Google's proposed search changes

Firm will have to try again

Tue May 28 2013, 13:13

Google could be in a display ad antitrust probe

Federal Trade Commission goes into action

Fri May 24 2013, 10:39

Opera and ex-employee settle £2.2m lawsuit

Legal fees stop climbing

Fri May 17 2013, 10:11

Government awards non-taxpaying Arqiva £150m rural mobile deal and Camden WiFi contract

Updated Deal with Arqiva will improve rural mobile coverage

Wed May 15 2013, 13:35

Israelis want Stephen Hawking to boycott Intel

Updated Ask boycotting professor to go whole hog

Fri May 10 2013, 10:40

Apple drags Google into Samsung patent lawsuit with request for Android source code

Accuses firm of withholding information

Thu May 09 2013, 11:33

Microsoft pokes fun at Apple and Samsung rivalry in Windows Phone advert

Advert suggests a switch to the Nokia Lumia

Tue Apr 30 2013, 12:09

Google offers to advertise rival services to end EC antitrust probe

Three year investigation could be coming to an end

Thu Apr 25 2013, 12:40

Apple avoids iPhone import ban in Motorola patent case

Judge rules Motorola patent invalid

Tue Apr 23 2013, 12:26

Kim Dotcom releases a video of Megaupload raid

Mini documentary shows police in helicopters, handcuffs and dogs

Thu Jun 13 2013, 14:05

Australia's privacy commission is discussing PRISM

Muddy waters

Thu Jun 13 2013, 10:20

Kim Dotcom faces an extradition hearing delay

Pushed back to April 2014

Tue Jun 11 2013, 12:38

US Congress wants FTC action on patent trolls

Time to send money chasing time wasters packing

Fri Jun 07 2013, 13:05

One in five Brits want Google Glass banned

Never seen it, don’t like it

Wed Jun 05 2013, 14:51

BBC takes web clock complaint seriously

BBC Trust says it did a misleading thing

Wed Jun 05 2013, 10:54

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't copy the iPad, Dutch court rules

Updated Samsung scores another victory over Apple

Mon Jun 03 2013, 11:43

Microsoft slams the Samsung Galaxy S4 for being 'too expensive'

Says buy a Windows Phone instead

Fri May 31 2013, 16:05

Microsoft's Xbox doesn't infringe Motorola patents, court rules

Ruling comes just days after Xbox One unveiling

Fri May 24 2013, 13:55

Samsung looks to pinch Apple suppliers due to Galaxy S4 demand

Attacks on another front

Fri May 17 2013, 15:14

Google demands Microsoft pull Windows Phone 8 Youtube app

Microsoft refuses

Thu May 16 2013, 16:02

Google's workaround to end EU probe should be rejected, says Foundem

Says it will fail to restore competition

Tue May 14 2013, 16:08

The FBI has warrantless access to emails

American Civil Liberties Union complains

Fri May 10 2013, 09:35

Environmental group slams Samsung for leap in profits

Firm uses unsustainable materials in smartphone production

Fri Apr 26 2013, 15:49

David Cameron wants to ban viewing porn on public WiFi

Doesn't understand that it's not like TV

Wed Apr 24 2013, 16:00

PR boss used Call of Duty money to fund lavish lifestyle

Siphoned off £19,000 from Activision

Tue Apr 23 2013, 12:00

Google spots Iranian phishing spike

Questions links to elections

Thu Jun 13 2013, 12:47

The Pirate Bay gets attacked and banned in one day

Oh no me hearties

Wed Jun 12 2013, 15:54

HTC and Samsung tangle in a Twitter tit for tat tango

Smartphone cases at dawn

Mon Jun 10 2013, 11:29

Government wastes hours waiting for PCs to boot up

Probably a drop in the ocean

Thu Jun 06 2013, 13:43

Pamela Anderson web domain advert gets banned

Putting the @ into gratuitous

Wed Jun 05 2013, 14:06

City of London Police crack down on 'pirate' websites

Starts sending out stern letters

Tue Jun 04 2013, 16:01

Steve Wozniak bristles over Apple’s tax record

Says that criticisms are fair

Mon Jun 03 2013, 11:03

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom wins access to evidence

Gets his mitts on all evidence against file storage firm

Fri May 31 2013, 13:23

Nokia goes after the HTC One with another patent lawsuit

Adds nine patents to ongoing legal war

Fri May 24 2013, 11:03

Nintendo to cash in on user Youtube walkthrough videos

Let’s Play players down tools

Fri May 17 2013, 11:50

Star Wars and Dr Who fans square up in East Anglia

Not long ago, in a town not very far away

Thu May 16 2013, 11:45

Apple adds Samsung Galaxy S4 to second patent infringement lawsuit

Claims it infringes iOS interface patents

Tue May 14 2013, 15:39

3D printed guns could be banned in California

Updated Senator Leland Yee proposes a law

Fri May 10 2013, 09:30

BT facing Ofcom probe after Talktalk slams unfair broadband pricing

Watchdog to look into whether BT is abusing dominant position

Thu May 02 2013, 10:14

Nokia didn't score an injunction against the HTC One

HTC reveals the truth

Thu Apr 25 2013, 13:20

HTC hits back at Nokia with legal win in Germany

Finns are ordered to cough up legal costs

Tue Apr 23 2013, 16:41
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