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Sony Ericsson sues US ISP over its logo

Throws its green logo out of the pram

Wed Jan 19 2011, 14:38

WiFi Alliance debuts WiFi Direct certification

Take my WiFi

Tue Oct 26 2010, 12:51

Femtocells can answer mobile signal woes

Interview The INQUIRER speaks to Nigel Toon of Picochip

Tue Jun 29 2010, 15:57

Anyfi VoIP goes live in the UK

Whether operators will like it is another matter

Fri May 14 2010, 15:15

A 4G Ipad is coming, says Clearwire

But it's not what you think

Thu Apr 01 2010, 13:27

3 MiFi Huawei E5830

Review A 3G dongle with WiFi equals MiFi

Fri Jan 15 2010, 16:09

Q-Waves wireless USB data kit

Review USB UWB transceiver

Thu Dec 17 2009, 15:54

One billion mobile data connections by 2013

Connected everything

Wed Dec 09 2009, 17:03

Ruckus pushes for WiFi based broadband

Emerging countries get cheap access option

Tue Nov 17 2009, 17:41

WiFi Direct will support peer-to-peer networking

Cut out some routers

Thu Oct 15 2009, 09:08

First WiMo satphone launches

Instant Messaging via satellite?

Fri Jul 03 2009, 13:42

Verizon releases LTE specs

Nibble Data only don't worry about CDMA

Mon Apr 20 2009, 14:18

Intel teams up with Alcatel-Lucent

MWC Barcelona Mobile Wimax getting closer

Mon Feb 16 2009, 17:57

Comcast tests free Wi-Fi

Nibble If you are on cable

Mon Feb 02 2009, 13:25

Telstra could be broken up

Latest rumour from Down Under

Mon Dec 29 2008, 11:42

Skype offers Brits free WiFi

A taste of paradise for one week

Mon Nov 08 2010, 14:15

Wireless PCIe will become a reality

Chip designers work on an ultra-wideband wireless bus

Thu Jul 15 2010, 11:46

Wireless Broadband Alliance will trial WISPr 2.0

Update aimed at WiFi interoperability

Tue Jun 22 2010, 15:31

Wimax firms team up on 4G

Mobile firms set to benefit

Mon Apr 12 2010, 14:10

video icon Toshiba airs HDMI over WiFi

Video Wireless HD streaming from a laptop to TV

Fri Feb 12 2010, 09:37

Sony caves in on SD card format

CES 2010 And makes other announcements

Thu Jan 07 2010, 15:35

Q-Waves wireless USB AV kit

Review Send HD video to your TV

Thu Dec 17 2009, 15:52

Skyhook puts web on the map

It is nothing to worry about, really

Thu Nov 26 2009, 09:36

World Wide Web Foundation kicks off

Global operations underway

Tue Nov 17 2009, 16:16

56Mbps HSPA+ networks will appear in 2010

Huawei finds a way

Mon Sep 21 2009, 17:31

Linux Foundation suggests netbooks will be free

And run Linux of course

Wed Jul 01 2009, 12:16

Bluetooth hits speed bump

Transfers large files in seconds... sort of

Thu Apr 09 2009, 18:37

Taiwanese Wimax winded by credit crunch

Best laid plans go to waste

Mon Feb 09 2009, 15:03

World's first Bluetooth barcode adapter is here

Get scanning

Wed Jan 14 2009, 15:18

Meraki debuts Solar Wi-Fi

In a sunny disposition

Wed Dec 10 2008, 19:45

BT brings WiFi to the Tube

Without a signal failure

Mon Nov 01 2010, 13:56

Intel courts a wireless chipmaker

Infineon is in its sights

Mon Jul 12 2010, 16:08

Three gets Ipad prices

Data plans announced

Tue May 25 2010, 14:30

From 3D to the next bicycle

Feature Gadget Show 2010 All the latest brainwaves

Thu Apr 08 2010, 16:43

video icon Toshiba shows off Transfer Jet

Video Wireless 10 times faster than Bluetooth

Thu Feb 11 2010, 10:53

Next WirelessHD standard tips up

Support for 3D TV, cinema quality resolution and ultra high data rates

Tue Jan 05 2010, 13:46

Motorola pushes wireless data development

LTE and Wimax coming next year

Fri Dec 11 2009, 13:49

Alcatel-Lucent completes first 800MHz live LTE call

European spectrum is good to go

Fri Nov 20 2009, 15:33

Eye-Fi wireless cameras

Brief INQpressions WiFi-enabled photos and videos

Wed Nov 04 2009, 15:00

Illegal wireless access is confusing

And that's just for the users

Tue Aug 18 2009, 13:45

Acer joins Wimax's Open Patent Alliance

Why max?

Mon May 11 2009, 22:50

Intel reinvents the aerial

TV coming to a lap near you

Thu Mar 05 2009, 10:58

Free location alerts in Central London

Only works via BT's Wi-fi hotspots

Tue Feb 03 2009, 13:11

Hippies revolt over wireless network voodoo

It makes you sick man

Mon Dec 29 2008, 13:38

Wifi made easy... sort of

First Inqpressions Devicescape Connect

Tue Apr 29 2008, 15:28
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