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New York Post and Social Flow hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Twitter troubles tackled

Wed Aug 14 2013, 09:45

Google ups Chromium security bug bounty to $5,000

Has paid researchers over $2m in bounties

Tue Aug 13 2013, 11:18

The Pirate Bay releases anti-censorship web browser

A version of Firefox that uses TOR

Mon Aug 12 2013, 09:47

Kim Dotcom’s PRISM busting encrypted email service will be out in 2014

Says messages will be out of NSA reach

Fri Aug 09 2013, 09:56

Android malware is reaching critical mass warns Trend Micro

Malicious apps to reach one milllion milestone this year

Tue Aug 06 2013, 16:41

Jimmy Wales scorns UK adult content filters

Says the idea is ridiculous

Mon Aug 05 2013, 10:57

Twitter’s half year transparency report shows a hands-off UK

Post PRISM and things are pretty quiet

Thu Aug 01 2013, 12:45

Cyber crime is a bigger threat than nuclear war, UK government warns

A report claims Blighty is failing to protect its people from e-crime

Tue Jul 30 2013, 15:26

Bing introduces pop-up child abuse warning notices

Illegal image alerts

Mon Jul 29 2013, 16:45

PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden might leave Moscow airport today

Russia apparently grants temporary asylum

Wed Jul 24 2013, 16:47

SIM card encryption exploit leaves mobile phone users vulnerable to hacking

Could grant hackers access to device location and SMS functions

Mon Jul 22 2013, 15:49

UK government investigates Huawei's cyber security centre

Due to concerns over the security of its network hardware and services

Fri Jul 19 2013, 12:30

Oracle plugs 89 security holes in July critical patch update

Security researchers are concerned that Oracle's practices are 'not working'

Wed Jul 17 2013, 12:31

Ransomware is targeting Apple Mac OS X users via Safari

Demands users pay $300 to unlock systems

Tue Jul 16 2013, 15:54

Sony agrees to pay £250,000 ICO fine following data breach

Appeal would reveal information about its security procedures

Mon Jul 15 2013, 11:11

Dutch domain registrar hacked

Server hit in SQL injection attack

Thu Jul 11 2013, 09:35

European Parliament votes for PRISM snooping investigation

To start this year

Tue Jul 09 2013, 10:05

Hackers infect exiled Tibetan government website

Drama for Dalai Lama

Tue Aug 13 2013, 13:10

City of London bans smartphone snooping bin trial due to privacy concerns

Could record the movements of and steal data from people passing by

Mon Aug 12 2013, 14:55

Lulzsec hacker Neuron is imprisoned

Stole information from Sony computers

Fri Aug 09 2013, 13:10

Chrome web browser password feature slammed as 'security flaw'

Not really a flaw

Thu Aug 08 2013, 11:53

Smart toilet vulnerability can bite users on the bum

Potential for hacking trouble

Tue Aug 06 2013, 13:05

McAfee finds Windows worm in KFC Android app

Fried chicken fans infected due to 'careless attitudes' of developers

Mon Aug 05 2013, 10:35

Black Hat: Firm hacks femtocells to lift voice, web and SMS data

Demo shows need for security changes

Thu Aug 01 2013, 11:50

Syrian hackers take over Thomson Reuters' Twitter

Syrian Electronic Army is back at it

Tue Jul 30 2013, 10:27

Luxury car hacking findings blocked by High Court

Volkswagen injunction blocks university lecturer's research from publication

Mon Jul 29 2013, 15:40

Lakeland hit with a sophisticated attack

Resets all passwords

Wed Jul 24 2013, 15:36

Bletchley Park’s Alan Turing to receive posthumous pardon

Was convicted under anti-homosexuality legislation

Mon Jul 22 2013, 14:48

Google Glass vulnerability discovered by Lookout could have captured user data

The vulnerability has since been patched by Google

Wed Jul 17 2013, 14:55

Microsoft puffs cheeks, gets ready to blow whistle on PRISM

Invokes the US Constitution

Wed Jul 17 2013, 10:33

Targeted attack on European government agencies steals Microsoft login data

Takes advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Office

Tue Jul 16 2013, 12:31

Konami asks users to change passwords after 35,000 accounts were accessed

Blames external provider for password leak

Fri Jul 12 2013, 13:35

Pirate Bay co-founder launches a secure messenger app for Android and iOS

Secrets are only secrets if they are secret

Wed Jul 10 2013, 14:55

Nintendo admits to Club hack

Releases a warning to users

Fri Jul 05 2013, 15:30

New York Times hackers return with evolved malware

Malware is significantly more advanced than that used in previous campaigns

Tue Aug 13 2013, 12:35

Bitcoin wallet apps vulnerable to theft thanks to Android bug

Android's random number generator bug is exploited allowing theft

Mon Aug 12 2013, 10:22

Edward Snowden’s secure email service shuts down

Lavabit and Silent Circle are silenced

Fri Aug 09 2013, 10:27

Zimbabwe election hit by hacking and DDoS attacks

President Mugabe reelected overwhelmingly

Wed Aug 07 2013, 12:06

ICO fines Bank of Scotland £75,000 over repeated fax-up

Bunch of bankers

Mon Aug 05 2013, 13:20

Hackers target Google Code developer website to spread malware

Firm urges businesses to update their security protocols

Thu Aug 01 2013, 16:00

Apple users can now report iMessage spammers via email

The crackdown on spam comes as Kaspersky warns of its growth

Wed Jul 31 2013, 12:01

Lenovo banned from supplying western intelligence services

Updated On a Five Eyes blacklist due to alleged backdoors in the firm's chips

Mon Jul 29 2013, 17:36

US politicians fail to rein in NSA PRISM snooping

205 to 217 vote lets snooping continue

Thu Jul 25 2013, 09:51

Hackers target Skrillex website

Call 911 now

Wed Jul 24 2013, 15:03

Google Glass still vulnerable to WiFi exploit, says Symantec

Despite Google having quietly patched the eyewear last month.

Fri Jul 19 2013, 16:50

Parliament says GCHQ did not break laws by taking part in PRISM

But says the laws need to be looked at

Wed Jul 17 2013, 13:48

iPhone and iPad users warned of Tumblr security update

Advised to change passwords

Wed Jul 17 2013, 09:54

EC backs German push for stronger data protection

Some data protection would be nice

Tue Jul 16 2013, 09:47

Microsoft tries to distance itself from PRISM

Reportedly gave the NSA access to everything

Fri Jul 12 2013, 12:28

Microsoft admits hackers are exploiting a Windows flaw found by a Google researcher

Two months after the report of the bug

Wed Jul 10 2013, 14:17
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