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Verizon wants Netflix to pay for traffic

Neither side gives as video quality falls

Wed Feb 19 2014, 12:48

Microsoft denies censoring Chinese Bing search results

It's not imperialist propaganda, it's a genuine cockup

Wed Feb 12 2014, 10:52

Net Neutrality is thrown a lifeline by Washington

Bipartisan support for a temporary reprieve

Tue Feb 04 2014, 16:02

Sky and ITV sign a deal for Sky Go and Now TV

ITV to launch Encore channel as part of the agreement

Wed Jan 29 2014, 15:33

Net neutrality ruling fallout begins

It's the FCC's move

Thu Jan 16 2014, 13:56

The BBC will launch five more HD channels tomorrow

Auntie Beeb's Christmas presents arrive early

Mon Dec 09 2013, 10:53

Waterstones counters Amazon drones with owls

This could be a hoot

Mon Dec 02 2013, 17:38

Bluetooth comes of age

Interview Bluetooth SIG's Steve Hegenderfer on the explosion of the fourth protocol

Tue Nov 12 2013, 13:31

Skype API shutdown leads to petition

Microsoft plans to block access to third party apps

Fri Oct 25 2013, 16:35

BBC plans to rival Netflix with iPlayer video on demand

Commits to original online programming

Wed Oct 16 2013, 11:13

The IT Crowd is all over now

Moss, Roy and Jen turn it off but not on again

Mon Sep 30 2013, 12:41

BT is shutting down its dial-up data network

Only a few people will be affected

Mon Sep 02 2013, 10:33

Neelie Kroes backs the open internet and net neutrality

To safeguard what liberty there is

Thu Jul 18 2013, 12:15

Huawei deploys high speed 4G on Mount Everest

Works with China Mobile for historic ascent

Fri Jul 05 2013, 13:30

EC finds European broadband speeds lacking

More broadbad than broadband

Wed Jun 26 2013, 15:57

G8 agree to fight tax avoidance of companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google

Calls for more transparency over ‘shell companies’ that exploit tax loopholes

Tue Jun 18 2013, 17:34

A turn by turn history of GPS

Analysis As the modern GPS network turns 25, we look back at its history

Mon Feb 17 2014, 17:03

Verizon blames its slow speeds on Netflix as net neutrality row continues

Oblique swipe at Netflix as customer experience continues to disappoint

Tue Feb 11 2014, 15:12

Rival operators EE and Three strike a deal to share 4G infrastructure

£1bn deal will accelerate networks' 4G rollout and cut costs

Mon Feb 03 2014, 16:42

Netflix wades in on net neutrality row

Celebrates 44 million subscribers and says it won't be bullied by ISPs

Thu Jan 23 2014, 12:32

Net neutrality rules lie in tatters as FCC overruled

Verizon wins appeal paving way for tiered internet

Tue Jan 14 2014, 17:39

Bluetooth 4.1 looks to the future

Latest protocol version sows the seeds of IPV6

Fri Dec 06 2013, 13:47

Pick of the Cyber Monday deals

Not as good as we hoped

Mon Dec 02 2013, 17:19

T-Mobile accidentally offers a one year contract for free

And honours its offer

Tue Nov 19 2013, 14:53

Broadcasters hit out at DAB digital switchover plans

They're FM furious

Mon Nov 11 2013, 13:19

Ofcom figures reveal poor 3G coverage on major roads

Streaming Netflix in the car might not work

Fri Oct 25 2013, 13:45

Yahoo Mail revamp panned by users

Really miss having tabs

Tue Oct 15 2013, 10:48

Sudan drops off the internet

Government might have pulled the plug in the face of riots

Thu Sep 26 2013, 09:00

Instagram and Vine suffer downtime due to Amazon data centre outage

Back up and running today

Tue Aug 27 2013, 10:30

BBC will launch five HD channels as Ofcom frees up capacity

Could see up to 13 HD channels coming to the UK in 2014

Tue Jul 16 2013, 15:36

Rural broadband rollout delayed by one or two years

It’s probably stuck behind a tractor

Fri Jul 05 2013, 12:20

EE brings 4G to East End technology hotspot

Tech city looks forward to double speeds and APIs

Tue Jun 25 2013, 16:20

The Pirate Bay gets attacked and banned in one day

Oh no me hearties

Wed Jun 12 2013, 15:54

FCC promises to end net neutrality uncertainty 'in the coming days'

But it might not be quite that simple

Wed Feb 12 2014, 14:21

Top 10 tips for Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO

Things we think Ballmer's successor should note

Wed Feb 05 2014, 15:22

AT&T and Verizon will explore replacing phone numbers with IP addresses

FCC clears the way for trials

Fri Jan 31 2014, 16:45

UK fibre optic trial achieves 1.4 terabit network link

All hail the Alien Superchannel

Thu Jan 23 2014, 10:49

EE opens its 4G network to roamers

Visitors can be bewildered by the tube map even faster

Wed Dec 18 2013, 12:41

Facebook shuns memes for community news

I can haz seriouz dizcorse

Tue Dec 03 2013, 14:26

Siemens' tube of the future aims to ease sardine-like commutes

Inspiro trains will carry 10 percent more passengers

Mon Dec 02 2013, 15:28

Google Books scores victory in copyright battle

Irate authors take it on the Chin

Fri Nov 15 2013, 12:24

LiFi breaks the 10GBps barrier

The light with 4G

Mon Oct 28 2013, 16:48

Twitter prices shares cheep-cheep and cheerful

Thinks it's worth $11bn

Fri Oct 25 2013, 13:16

Red Hat Linux is cheaper to run than Windows Server

According to Red Hat

Tue Oct 08 2013, 17:12

Intel launches Xeon E5 v2 processor family for servers and workstations

Chip updated to 22nm Ivy Bridge core for 30 percent performance boost

Tue Sep 10 2013, 20:44

Google goes down for five minutes, web traffic plunges 40 percent

Updated Google refuses to say why

Mon Aug 19 2013, 16:24

Almost half of Europeans would switch ISP for higher speeds

Over half are worried about call costs

Mon Jul 08 2013, 14:18

Nokia buys Siemens' stake in telecoms unit for €1.7bn

The end of a difficult relationship

Mon Jul 01 2013, 10:43

Vodafone makes a bid for Kabel

Looks to pick up German cable TV firm

Mon Jun 24 2013, 13:10
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