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Micron outs 45nm 1Gb phase change memory

Smartphones will have to wait a bit longer

Wed Jul 18 2012, 15:09

Samsung starts sampling 16GB DDR4 modules

Volume production is expected next year

Tue Jul 03 2012, 13:51

ARM, HP and Hynix join the Hybrid Memory Cube party

Work with Samsung and Micron for higher bandwidth

Thu Jun 28 2012, 15:25

Adata releases a 40MB/s microSD UHS-I card

Tiny but speedy

Wed May 30 2012, 14:59

Micron says it has fabbed working DDR4 chips

Modules but no chipset support yet

Tue May 08 2012, 12:51

Toshiba and Hynix are circling bankrupt Elpida

Micron might have some competition

Fri Mar 30 2012, 11:03

Intel sells its stake in two NAND fabs back to Micron

Prefers commitment to buy chips

Wed Feb 29 2012, 14:04

Elpida files for bankruptcy

DRAMatic end for memory giant

Mon Feb 27 2012, 14:55

Samsung starts producing low-power DDR2 memory

Modules for cut price smartphones

Thu Jan 19 2012, 14:19

AMD puts its name on memory modules in a bid to simplify decisions

Optimal performance claims shunned by overclockers

Tue Nov 29 2011, 17:25

Samsung Electronics chairman warns of stormy chip market

Fabs are the answer

Fri Sep 23 2011, 14:24

Toshiba will cut 6,000 chips from its product list

Concentrates on multi-purpose chips

Mon Aug 15 2011, 14:28

Elpida needs $1bn to move into smartphone memory business

Not quite as cheap as chips

Mon Jul 11 2011, 15:24

Samsung announces a class 10 microSD card

High capacity and performance for smartphones

Thu Jun 30 2011, 12:17

Kingston announces Hyper X Plug and Play memory

For Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets

Wed Apr 27 2011, 11:08

Seagate and Samsung combine hard drive businesses

Seagate splashes out £845 million for a pact with Samsung

Tue Apr 19 2011, 11:10

Elpida launches 4Gb DDR2 for smartphones and tablets

Joins Samsung at the top

Thu Apr 07 2011, 15:48

Micron reports a $320m loss as costs increase

Profits chipped away

Tue Jul 10 2012, 15:30

Micron takes an 89 per cent stake in Rexchip

Buys Powerchip's shares in addition to Elpida

Mon Jul 02 2012, 14:14

Micron announces a $320m loss as NAND margins tighten

DRAM on the rise once agin

Thu Jun 21 2012, 12:05

HP certifies Hypercloud DDR3 memory modules for Proliant servers

Register tweaks to improve throughput

Wed May 16 2012, 14:34

Hynix loses interest in buying Elpida

News sends shares soaring

Fri May 04 2012, 12:35

Micron reports $244m loss as NOR flash margins tighten

Sees a small rise in NAND and DRAM

Fri Mar 23 2012, 13:51

High endurance SSD can survive South Pole temperatures

But we're not going to test this ourselves

Wed Feb 29 2012, 12:44

Elpida is uncertain about its future

Debt deadline looms

Wed Feb 15 2012, 14:29

Elpida looks to Micron deal to save it from $1bn loan repayment

Could spell the end of Japanese DRAM production

Wed Jan 18 2012, 15:26

Kingston launches its Hyperx Genesis RAM

Meant for Sandy Bridge E chips and X79 mainboards

Tue Nov 15 2011, 16:35

Rambus claims Hynix and Micron conspired to keep SDRAM prices low

Stopped RDRAM from becoming cheap as chips

Tue Sep 20 2011, 13:32

Intel money men create $300m Ultrabook fund


Thu Aug 11 2011, 11:50

Hyundai opts out of buying Hynix

Ships and chips have little in common

Wed Jul 06 2011, 15:19

Crucial launches a low profile 16GB DDR3-1066 module for servers

High-end but has no RAM heatsinks

Tue May 24 2011, 17:39

Sandisk and Toshiba announce 19nm NAND flash memory

Beat Intel and Micron by 1nm

Thu Apr 21 2011, 13:53

Samsung is looking to sell its hard drive business

$1.5 billion or best offer

Mon Apr 18 2011, 12:37

Samsung announces 30nm 4Gb LPDDR2 DRAM

High performance and low power cost

Thu Mar 24 2011, 10:29

Micron will buy Elpida for $2.5bn

Less competition might mean higher prices

Fri Jun 29 2012, 11:08

Micron announces 2Gb and 4Gb DDR-2133 chips

AMD signs on the dotted line

Tue Jun 12 2012, 17:02

Micron negotiates to buy Elpida

Acquisition bid breaks cover

Fri May 11 2012, 11:30

Sandisk cuts forecast as weak NAND flash demand bites

Samsung's Galaxy range can't save its bacon

Wed Apr 04 2012, 14:49

Adata launches 1.35V DDR3 modules for overclockers

More headroom, less green

Thu Mar 01 2012, 17:39

Sandisk touts I-NAND as reference for Windows 8 tablets

Hints at 64GB Windows 8 tablets

Mon Feb 27 2012, 17:57

Micron believes DRAM prices have bottomed out

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Fri Feb 10 2012, 17:43

Samsung plans to open its first flash chip plant in China

Wants to meet demand

Tue Dec 06 2011, 13:56

Intel suggests stacking DRAM chips to boost bandwidth

Piles on the chips

Wed Oct 12 2011, 13:45

Samsung announces 30nm DDR3 RAM

More powerful and greener memory

Wed Aug 17 2011, 12:19

Hynix and Toshiba push next generation MRAM

Aim to spread the development risk

Wed Jul 13 2011, 14:45

IBM announces a major memory breakthrough

Big improvement over flash memory

Thu Jun 30 2011, 13:55

Samsung produces the first DDR2 NAND flash chip

Claims it can exploit SATA3 and USB3

Thu May 12 2011, 12:29

Intel and Micron finally open Singapore NAND Flash plant

Three years of delays but still ahead of schedule

Thu Apr 21 2011, 12:06

Intel and Micron show off a 20nm NAND flash chip

Gives manufacturers the option of more storage or battery life

Fri Apr 15 2011, 12:55
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