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Samsung CEO plays down fears of a chip price war

While at the same time ramping up production

Tue Oct 14 2014, 11:35

HP unveils The Machine to solve all our computing woes

Memristors, silicon photonics, custom OS and chips will form a new computer model

Thu Jun 12 2014, 04:40

World record for quantum memory smashed

A quantum leap

Fri Nov 15 2013, 17:04

Crossbar unveils RRAM non-volatile memory with 1TB of storage

20X write performance and 20X lower power draw than NAND flash

Tue Aug 06 2013, 13:56

Micron completes purchase of Elpida and increases share of Rexchip

Increases its production capacity by 45 percent

Wed Jul 31 2013, 16:41

Micron starts sampling 16nm NAND flash for SSDs

Drives expected next year

Wed Jul 17 2013, 16:05

Micron posts $43m profit as DRAM business picks up

Bodes well for the DRAM market

Fri Jun 21 2013, 12:10

Hynix announces 8Gb LPDDR3 for smartphones and tablets

Touts 4GB on a single stacked package

Mon Jun 10 2013, 15:36

Adata teams with Google to slap a Chrome logo on its USB drives

Go faster stripe for a memory stick

Tue Apr 30 2013, 17:01

Tokyo court approves Micron's purchase of Elpida

Clears the way to complete the deal in four months

Thu Feb 28 2013, 17:18

Rambus announces R+ LPDDR3 architecture for smartphones and tablets

Takes a break from the courtroom

Mon Jan 28 2013, 16:22

Samsung fabs 64Gb NAND chips on a 10nm process node

Expect more storage on smartphones and tablets in 2013

Fri Nov 16 2012, 15:13

Micron ends 2012 with a $1bn loss

Another poor quarter

Fri Sep 28 2012, 16:41

Nvidia's mobile manager ends up at Micron

Tegra NAND out

Wed Sep 19 2012, 14:30

Samsung announces a 104MB/s 64GB microSD card

Impressive capacity and bandwidth

Fri Aug 31 2012, 12:36

TSMC outs 100MHz 90nm flash memory for cars

Faster storage for in-car systems

Thu Aug 16 2012, 13:01

Samsung puts eMMC Pro Class 1500 modules into production

64GB for next generation smartphones and tablets

Thu Aug 02 2012, 15:39

Worldwide semiconductor sales swell seven percent due to DRAM explosion

But Gartner predicts the next big memory downturn will hit in 2016

Thu Jul 10 2014, 12:22

Intel primes market for silicon photonics to lift data centre interconnect speeds

Aims to replace copper with fibre optics

Mon May 19 2014, 17:03

Samsung's Green DDR4 data centre memory can save 45 terawatts per hour

Would equal six billion people using a smartphone every day for two years

Wed Oct 16 2013, 15:17

Samsung is ready to ship 3D V-NAND flash storage

Announces mass production of chips after 10 years of research

Tue Aug 06 2013, 12:45

Samsung puts 64GB eMMC 5 modules into mass production

Ready for next generation high-end smartphones and tablets

Mon Jul 29 2013, 11:20

Toshiba announces 260MBps Secure Digital memory card

Impressive bandwidth for high resolution cameras

Tue Jul 16 2013, 13:40

Samsung releases PCI-Express SSD for ultrabooks

A week after Apple puts it in the Macbook Air

Mon Jun 17 2013, 13:05

Tokyo court dismisses Elpida creditors' appeal of Micron purchase

Another hurdle cleared

Thu May 16 2013, 13:58

Samsung starts producing 128Gbit MLC NAND modules

Impressive ramp from 64Gbit

Thu Apr 11 2013, 15:50

Toshiba claims SRAM chip cuts power consumption by 85 percent

Cites MP3 decode on smartphones as a possible use

Fri Feb 22 2013, 17:33

Linde invests in Voltaix's disilane plant for DRAM and NAND chips

Crucial ingredient for US memory vendor

Mon Jan 28 2013, 15:17

Intel launches 335 series SSDs using 20nm NAND chips

Claims another fab victory

Wed Oct 31 2012, 12:34

Judge rules Rambus destroyed evidence in case against Hynix

The patent troll legend grows

Mon Sep 24 2012, 13:55

Bondholders claim Elpida made unauthorised US asset deals

Open up a new front

Tue Sep 18 2012, 15:43

Micron is set to revise Elpida offer up to JPY 280bn

Might be enough to please bondholders

Tue Aug 21 2012, 11:25

Toshiba cuts NAND flash production to raise prices

Wants to reduce oversupply

Tue Jul 24 2012, 12:49

HP Machine: Memristor pioneer explains his discovery

We spoke to HP Labs' creator Stan Williams at the time of the memristor discovery

Tue Jun 17 2014, 14:15

Intel chip revenue declined in 2013 as worldwide total grew by five percent

Due to a focus on dwindling PC market

Thu Apr 03 2014, 17:11

Toshiba releases super speed USB 3.0 flash drives

Putting the flash bang wallop into flash

Thu Sep 05 2013, 15:34

Micron bets on 3D NAND flash for the future of storage

Interview Working on memory cells stacked vertically

Mon Aug 05 2013, 08:40

Samsung puts 3GB LPDDR3 into mass production for smartphones

Ups the odds that the Galaxy Note 3 will have 3GB of RAM

Wed Jul 24 2013, 12:45

Toshiba to expand Japanese fab to build stacked NAND chips

NAND market continues to grow

Tue Jul 02 2013, 11:45

Apple looks to Samsung for Macbook Air PCI-Express SSD

Biggest technological innovation comes from rival

Wed Jun 12 2013, 14:06

Samsung announces 45nm embedded flash for smart cards

Increases the performance of smart cards

Wed May 15 2013, 17:35

Hypercube stacked DRAM specification is finalised

Aims to bring down the DRAM wall

Wed Apr 03 2013, 14:38

South Korean police investigate gas leak at Samsung chip plant

After one death and four injuries

Tue Jan 29 2013, 15:33

SEC opens investigation of OCZ

Pressure builds

Thu Nov 22 2012, 17:42

Hynix manages to post its first profit in over a year

Mobile DRAM and NAND help out

Wed Oct 24 2012, 13:53

Samsung mass produces 128GB NAND module for smartphones and tablets

Too late for the Iphone 5

Wed Sep 19 2012, 15:33

PCs accounted for less than half of DRAM sales in the second quarter

Decline shows we are entering a 'post-PC era'

Mon Sep 17 2012, 11:20

Kingston outs DDR3 modules running at 2,666MHz

The devil is in the details

Fri Aug 17 2012, 15:22

Elpida bondholders want more cash

Big demands even when the chips are down

Tue Aug 14 2012, 12:47
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