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IFA: Intel launches 14nm fanless Core M processor for 2-in-1 devices

Promises to 'reinvent the notebook'

Fri Sep 05 2014, 16:30

Intel's 14nm Broadwell chip will be delayed, says Krzanich

Will likely arrive in the first half of 2015

Wed Oct 16 2013, 12:22

Nvidia announces Kepler Geforce GTX 700M series for Intel's Haswell chips

Claims significant design wins

Thu May 30 2013, 22:00

HP casts doubt on Dell deal to spook customers

Join us instead

Tue Feb 05 2013, 17:52

Intel reveals future plans for third gen Core ultrabooks

Signs agreements with four Taiwanese panel suppliers

Tue Jun 05 2012, 13:31

Apple is not waiting for Intel's Ivy Bridge to refresh Macbook Pro

Delay could mean only a slight tweak

Wed Sep 14 2011, 13:45

Quad-core chips will be in 49 per cent of laptops by 2015

On-chip graphics has a bright future

Wed Jul 13 2011, 13:58

video icon Acer gets the munchies with its first demo of the Iconia Tab M500 Meego tablet

Computex 2011 An Intel Atom-based tablet designed to offer improved user experience

Wed Jun 01 2011, 14:28

Intel goes ultra-mobile with its ultrabook invention

Computex 2011 Makes up a new notebook category

Tue May 31 2011, 12:17

Intel will reveal its next netbook chipset at CES 2011

Looks to revive interest

Mon Nov 01 2010, 13:08

Dell has non-existent Intel processors

And so does HP

Mon May 24 2010, 14:15

Nokia Booklet 3G

Review Phone maker tries a stylish computer

Fri Dec 18 2009, 17:15

Core i7 mobile chips are amazing

IDF 2009 So says Intel's Mooly Eden

Thu Sep 24 2009, 16:48

Sony admits to failing Nvidia chips 13 months late

How long is that warranty?

Tue Aug 11 2009, 14:18

Dirk Meyer talks up Atom-competitor

Not netbook-competitor

Tue Jun 09 2009, 17:07

MSI unveils GX723 gaming notebook

Next level

Mon May 18 2009, 14:20

AMD mobile roadmaps surface

Introducing Sabine, two years out

Fri Apr 10 2009, 22:07

Intel reveals plans for 14nm Bay Trail successor named Braswell

Will power Chromebooks with over 20 designs coming later this year

Thu Apr 03 2014, 12:49

Intel CEO talks up 14nm Haswell successor, Broadwell at IDF

Hints the future PC will use 30 percent less power

Wed Sep 11 2013, 00:38

AMD announces Richland laptop APUs

Sticks with Piledriver CPUs and Radeon HD 6000 series GPUs

Tue Mar 12 2013, 12:00

AMD announces four Radeon HD 8000M chips

To appear at CES

Mon Dec 17 2012, 20:00

AMD releases Southern Islands Radeon laptop GPUs

Gaming laptops get 28nm first

Wed Apr 25 2012, 15:10

Macbook Air has a half-speed Thunderbolt port

Cost and size led to a less powerful Thunderbolt chip

Fri Jul 29 2011, 16:35

AMD releases the Radeon HD6990M

Mobile gaming for those who like to sit down

Tue Jul 12 2011, 16:16

Intel demos a slew of tablets as it looks to gain the upper hand

Computex 2011 Key to success will be tight support for all major operating systems

Wed Jun 01 2011, 14:20

Asus unveils the Padfone tablet-smartphone device

Computex 2011 Taiwanese firm comes good on its promise to release a crazy hybrid

Mon May 30 2011, 20:12

ARM gets ready to enter Intel's domain

Years of work are about to come to fruition

Thu Sep 16 2010, 17:00

video icon Toshiba talks up Calpella

Video The tech in Tecra

Fri Feb 12 2010, 11:27

Acer Ferrari One

Review Acer and AMD both sponsor Ferrari

Thu Dec 03 2009, 14:05

Nehalem for notebooks tips up

IDF 2009 Core i7 mobile chip

Thu Sep 24 2009, 01:55

AMD claims platform superiority over Intel

Our platform is better than theirs

Wed Jul 08 2009, 22:25

Lenovo announces Ion netbook

Amongst other things

Tue May 26 2009, 11:22

AMD's Tigris to run wild at Computex

Prowling the portable market

Mon May 18 2009, 11:07

Intel to launch CULV parts soon, sort of

Paper and vapour are thin and light

Thu Apr 09 2009, 18:38

Liquid nitrogen cooled notebook sets overclocking record with Intel Celeron 900

A Chinese man breaks the single-core CPU record with a CPU frequency of 4GHz

Wed Feb 12 2014, 15:12

Computex: Intel flashes the first smartphone with Merrifield chip

Says it will increase performance by 50 percent compared to predecessor chips

Tue Jun 04 2013, 10:11

Intel launched Centrino 10 years ago today

The laptop chip that brought Intel riches

Tue Mar 12 2013, 00:10

AMD announces E-series second gen APUs

Extends notebook battery life and improves video playback

Wed Jun 06 2012, 05:39

Intel pushes ultrabooks to its channel partners

‘Whitebooks’ are primed to appeal

Tue Mar 20 2012, 17:49

ARM will power 20 per cent of laptops by 2015

Should light a fire under AMD and Intel

Tue Jul 19 2011, 14:08

AMD launches A-series Llano processors to rival Intel's Sandy Bridge

Could be a bridge too far

Tue Jun 14 2011, 05:00

Intel shows off Android Honeycomb Medfield tablet and phone

Computex 2011 Chip firm is desperate to show it's ramping up its tablet push

Tue May 31 2011, 13:10

Intel will continue shipping flawed Sandy Bridge chipsets

Not as bad as it sounds

Tue Feb 08 2011, 10:20

Chinese chip firm creates a dual core 2GHz ARM chip

Pitches it at Intel loving OEMs

Tue Sep 14 2010, 15:08

Asus UL50vs

Review A costly notebook with potential

Tue Dec 22 2009, 16:08

One Laptop Per Child marches on

Analysis Whatever happened to OLPC?

Fri Sep 25 2009, 10:57

Nokia Booklet 3G

Brief INQpressions A netbook from a mobile phone company

Wed Sep 09 2009, 13:15

Asus and Intel's relationship hits a rocky patch

Atomic split looms?

Thu Jun 25 2009, 15:21

Nvidia's bad bump misery deepens

Bumpgate Insurers bite back

Tue May 19 2009, 04:59

AMD X2s are unlockable too

Or will be when they appear, that is

Mon Apr 27 2009, 18:11
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