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Intel's Knights Landing chip will make Xeon Phi part of the CPU

The beginning of the end for accelerators in HPC

Mon Jun 17 2013, 18:00

AMD says it won't sell a Radeon Sky server

Competing with customers is dangerous

Tue Apr 02 2013, 09:35

Texas Instruments supplies HP's Project Moonshot with quad-core ARM chips

First big silicon vendor to take the plunge

Tue Mar 05 2013, 15:50

Nvidia relies on Geforce business to keep Tesla prices down

Gamers are subsidising researchers

Thu Jan 31 2013, 11:54

AMD launches mid-range Opteron 3300 and 4300 series Piledriver chips

Can spin four cores at just 25W

Tue Dec 04 2012, 05:00

AMD will bring out ARM Opteron APUs before X86 version

Working on sharing memory

Mon Nov 12 2012, 14:21

Intel reveals Xeon Phi architecture details at Hotchips

Larger than the sum of its parts

Fri Aug 31 2012, 16:39

Intel is still working on final Xeon Phi configurations

ISC 12 A constantly moving target

Wed Jun 20 2012, 16:53

Intel offers 56Gbit/s Infiniband on Xeon E5 server motherboards

When 40Gbit/s is not enough

Mon Jun 11 2012, 15:03

Acer, Dell and HP servers tip up at AMD's Bulldozer launch

An impressive show of force

Wed Nov 16 2011, 15:33

HP launches ARM-based blade servers with Linux support

No Wintel here

Wed Nov 02 2011, 14:07

AMD demonstrates a 32 core Bulldozer server

ISC 11 Promises up to 64 cores in a 1U server

Tue Jun 21 2011, 15:49

Intel open sources 3D world software

Also shows off a 48-core chip for researchers

Wed Jun 08 2011, 12:41

Fujitsu delivers a 10 petaflops supercomputer

Some assembly required

Tue Sep 28 2010, 16:15

Intel pushes supercomputing

HPC Nehalem-EX out next year

Mon Nov 16 2009, 17:41

$1,000 Firestream 9250 breaks teraflops barrier

AMD kicks off campaign of tera

Mon Jun 16 2008, 11:30

Cray goes with Intel for HPC

AMD's position cloudy

Mon Apr 28 2008, 18:56

Intel launches single socket Haswell Xeon E3 processors

Touts GPU performance for cloud rendering

Tue Jun 04 2013, 07:00

Nvidia's Maxwell GPU architecture will access system RAM

Follows AMD into the world of unified memory addressing

Tue Mar 19 2013, 22:15

Oak Ridge is fixing interconnect bugs in Titan cluster

Hasn't passed acceptance testing

Wed Feb 20 2013, 09:57

Nvidia says limited Geforce GPGPU performance is useful for debugging

Claims developers can code anywhere

Thu Jan 31 2013, 11:07

Intel Xeon Phi 5110P cluster tops Green 500 list

Nvidia needs to take note

Thu Nov 15 2012, 14:52

HP launches Itanium Superdome 2 servers for its own operating systems

Working on X86 for Microsoft and Red Hat

Fri Nov 09 2012, 16:58

US government hands $19m to Intel for exascale computing research

Should pay the power bills for a few months

Mon Jul 16 2012, 14:21

Intel will make MIC an on-die coprocessor

ISC 12 Smaller process nodes and better memory technology will provide the die space

Tue Jun 19 2012, 18:02

Nvidia announces its Kepler-based Tesla K10 GPGPU board

Updated Double-precision part is six months away

Tue May 15 2012, 20:00

Intel shows off Xeon E5 chips and a 1Tflops Knights Corner board

Goes for HPC while AMD looks to the cloud

Wed Nov 16 2011, 13:12

Intel admits that Moore's Law is not enough

ISC 11 GPUs are the way forward for HPC number crunching

Mon Jun 20 2011, 15:47

SGI squeezes Nvidia's Tesla 2090 GPGPU into all its servers

Latest GPGPU boards are ready to go

Wed Jun 08 2011, 11:14

Oracle releases a 16-core SPARC chip

Keeps the brand alive

Wed Sep 22 2010, 13:27

IBM Builds Europe's fastest supercomputer in Germany

The Schumacher of supercomputers

Tue Feb 10 2009, 11:43

Eight way Barcelona: can HP make it work?

At least, one place with Advantage: AMD

Wed Apr 30 2008, 17:26

Interweb prepared for quantum leap

Once its photons are all lined up

Tue Apr 15 2008, 17:47

HP's Moonshot launch highlights Intel's power in the server market

Analysis Shows how much work ARM has to do to challenge Chipzilla

Tue Apr 09 2013, 17:26

Nvidia needs to use GTC to push GPGPU to the mainstream

Analysis Researchers and universities can only go so far

Mon Mar 18 2013, 14:42

Intel Xeon E5 chips are clocked down to improve performance per watt

Performance scales poorly beyond 3GHz

Thu Jan 31 2013, 13:49

Nvidia Tesla K20 GPGPUs power Eurora cluster to 3.15 GFLOPS/W

Trounces Intel's Xeon Phi at the top of the Green 500

Thu Jan 31 2013, 08:00

Intel launches a Xeon Phi 5110P card

Impressive first showing on paper

Mon Nov 12 2012, 21:00

AMD launches 6300 series Piledriver Opteron chips

Arabian nights arrive

Mon Nov 05 2012, 05:00

Intel says Xeon Phi is inspired by Larrabee

ISC 12 Admits the onetime graphics chip is reborn

Thu Jun 21 2012, 17:27

Intel brands its MIC boards as Xeon Phi

ISC 12 Still no concrete details

Mon Jun 18 2012, 13:30

Intel buys Cray's interconnect business

AMD's most visible HPC customer sells out to Intel

Wed Apr 25 2012, 13:32

Dell and HP tout AMD's Interlagos Opteron socket compatibility

AMD pins its hopes on stability

Mon Nov 14 2011, 16:08

Maxeler says Intel's Knights Ferry simplicity might not suit HPC

More effort yields better performance

Fri Jul 15 2011, 16:14

Intel announces 22nm 50-core Knights Corner chip

ISC 11 Believes easy programming holds the key

Mon Jun 20 2011, 13:00

Nvidia powers world's fastest supercomputer

Finally beats AMD

Thu Oct 28 2010, 13:31

AMD starts shipping 12-core Opterons

Buy it now on Ebay

Mon Feb 22 2010, 17:21

Supercomputing now dominated by X86 architecture

IDC HPC Conference Singapore 2008 Slings and arrows

Thu Sep 25 2008, 11:26

AMD Phenoms hit compatibility glitch

Chipset mismatch

Tue Apr 29 2008, 09:55
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